Unni - unniqe

Unniqe, more commonly known as Unni von Feilitzen, a freelance Graphic Designer, Illustrator and 2D Animator based in Stockholm, Sweden. During my 5+ years in the industry I’ve worked both in-house and at agencies with a wide variety of companies in different parts of the world.
I enjoy working with a mix of projects and do both print and digital designs, stills and in motion.
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What I offer:
Digital and analog illustrations, icons, logos, motion graphics, infographics, explainer videos, character design, editorial illustrations, portraits, packaging design, animated GIFs, branding, booklets, flyers, hand lettering, typography, UI design, social media ad sets (stills and videos) and photo retouching.


Some companies I’ve worked with:
Nord DDB      McDonald’s       Gina Tricot       TV4 Kökets Box       EF Education First       Willys       Qapital       SL       apotea.se       Skoda       Twigeo       Amuse       RepairPal       Studio Ephemera      delitea.se       Wunderman       Samsung


Animation and Motion Graphics, Hyper Island, Stockholm
Graphic Design, City College of San Francisco, San Francisco
Graphic Design, Santa Monica College, Los Angeles